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Soil Solver

Problems with non-wetting soil or water retention?
Designer Dirt stock Soil Solver Clay Plus

Fertile soil is a combination of sand, clay and silt that holds onto water and nutrients but is still free draining. Gardening advice 'to improve soil' by adding compost is not as effective in sandy ground, because it just disappears without any clay to hold onto it and water quickly evaporates from the combination of sand and compost. If you first mix Soil Solver Clay Plus into your sand, it will hold onto the compost, water and the nutrients for much longer and will pay for itself every year as you will not need wetting agents, and will need less fertiliser and water. A healthier mineral rich soil makes gardening easier and more productive.
Clay Plus
 is a blend of natural kaolin clay, and mineral rich rock dust and silts that permanently transforms sand with just a small application. It is an entirely natural way to turn sand into fertile soil, which will continue to improve in years to come as it holds onto increasing amounts of organic matter.

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